Presents Make Everything Better

Dear Erin,

Poor Little Man! And Munchkin looks almost as worn out as you sound. I wish I could fly across the country and help you out. But I’m afraid it’ll have to be prayers and occasional presents that wing their way toward you instead.

Do you mind if I show off the latest present I sent for your sad little boy? Maybe it’s not tummy aches making him cry; maybe he’s cold. If so, you could wrap him up in these. (And, no, I don’t really think he’s cold.)

We saw this picture before.

bluepuerpurium1Here’s the entire thing:


Pattern: Puerperium (my standard for newborns, although it may be time to change things up). Yarn: Ella Rae Lace Merino DK in color “105.” (That’s some inspired naming, there.)

With the rest of the yarn, I made my standard hat:


It took two goes because, after who-knows-how-many years of knitting, your brilliant sister still hasn’t learned to swatch with a new yarn, so the first one was too small. Swirl Hat. It’s a great pattern, as it stretches pretty amazingly. But, again, it might be getting time to change things up. I’m getting a little bored now that I’ve done it at least five times.

Well, six, since this one was knitted twice.

In fact, I have a plan for Little Mister’s next hat which is completely different. (It’s pretty cool in our house, and he’s grown out of all his hats except his Viking hat, which is awesome but itchy.)

Here’s a more artsy picture of your Little Man’s hat.


Well, more close up anyway. Munchkin’s present is on the needles now, and close to being finished, so it will be on its way before long!

This Friday is Halloween. Little Mister is going out either as Tigger or as Calvin (with Hobbes). Pictures next week!


Fall Dishes

Dear Kristen,

Last Wednesday, this is what I titled my post – but it didn’t get past the title.  This is why:


Stomach aches are hard for Little Men – blasted dairy (which I’ve eliminated for a while, but there was some hidden in something I ate).

And instead of doing fall things – like finding pumpkins (your little pumpkin is adorable), eating acorn squash (which no one liked), and finalizing Halloween costumes, we dealt with tears.


And not getting out of pjs all day long.


And working on this


Update soon!

An October Tragedy

Dear Erin,

I’m thinking all your squirrels lived in the two trees you took down. Unfortunately, not all your acorns lived in those trees as well. They’ll come back eventually.

The squirrels, I mean.

This weekend, we drove with some friends over to Half Moon Bay, to their Art & Pumpkin festival. My main goal was to take cute pictures of Little Mister in a pumpkin patch. (Most of the temporary pumpkin patches around here are set up in parking lots and dominated by bouncy castles; more carnivalesque and less photogenic.) More than any other typical holiday photos, there’s something about babies with pumpkins that appeals to me. Not really sure why – the vibrant colors, maybe, or the matching chubbiness of both tiny humans and large gourds.

There was no pumpkin patch. Plenty of artsy pumpkins (velvet pumpkins, glass pumpkins, felt hat pumpkins). Plenty of pumpkin food. Some monstrous, pale, flabby grotesques that they called pumpkins. But no pumpkin patch. So we had to settle for cute pictures that are tragically pumpkinless.


swing2This was his first time on a swing. He had a blast. I think I might go seeking a pumpkin patch again this week. It’s just too sad to have a baby to photograph and no giant vegetables to pose him with.

Bullets from the Trees

Dear Kristen,

Any naps today?  Naps are the best!  I like taking naps and could use one right about…now.  But that’s a common desire for moms with Little Men and Munchkins, right? But if you nap when they do, when do you get the other things done?  I could, I guess, let them have the run the house while I take a nap – but that sounds like chaos and child neglect all in one.  I’ll just nap when I’m an empty nester.  (You do take naps, Mom, don’t you?)

Well, over here, fall is in the air.  And the trees.  At this point of the year, Matt starts to battle leaves.  They fall and fall and fall. And the leaves in our trees are NOT pretty ones.


See. Boring colors.

The pretty leaves are reserved for Shenandoah National Park and other picturesque places, not our yard.  We thought that with the loss of two trees last summer, we would have fewer leaves in the fall – but that doesn’t seem to be reality.  Maybe leaves are like dust bunnies and real bunnies, multiplying to the power of 4.

But today isn’t about leaves.

Its about “unicorns.”  And by “unicorns,” I mean acorns. (Munchkin called them “unicorns” for a while.)


I’ve heard it said that you can gauge the coming winter by the number of acorns. If that’s the case, the frozen apocalypse is on its way to the Commonwealth.  Acorns are falling from the sky in RECORD numbers.  Its as if the trees are afraid there will never be another oak tree planted in the whole wide world and so they’re hedging their bets by attacking the world below with acorns, making me feel like they’re shooting bullets at our house, our cars, us.

No kidding – an acorn hit the windshield as I was driving down our road and I’m 73% sure it left a ding in the glass.  It was so loud on contact I actually jumped and Munchkin yelled from the back, “What was THAT? Mama, what – Mama what was THAT? Hey Mama.  Mommy.  Mommy. Hey Mommy. Was that an acorn?”

Look at all these!  This is about a 2 square feet section of the yard.

Look at all these! This is about a 2 square feet section of the yard.

The other weird thing is there doesn’t seem to be any squirrels to get the acorns.  We had them last year, but they’ve disappeared!  Where are they?  I don’t think Gibbs scared them away – she’s not that adept at seeing them.  Maybe the hawk that’s been hanging out ate them?  Or the acorns hit them in the head and some animal or other took the unconscious squirrels elsewhere?  I have no idea, but they certainly aren’t at our house.

So the bullets keep dropping.  And lying around waiting for the Shop-Vac to suck them up.


But that will need to wait till the leaves are gone…