Dear Kristen,

Those gloves look awesome, so I’m positive they will be a hit with the recipient!  And I know EXACTLY what you mean about things not going quite as planned.  That seems to be the theme of the day at our home.

There are dishes to be done, Bible studies to prepare, projects to complete, but none of that is happening. Why? Living with a toddler is unpredictable, hilarious, and a little exasperating at times.  Case in point, today.

The morning went off without any problems.  We had a good breakfast, some fun
IMG_8918playtime, and even went to get an Easter dress for her as a family.  Isn’t it very poofy?

Lunch got a little squirrely since peanut butter was involved.  She was looking a little rough at the end.  Then came nap time. (da-da-da-duuuuuuum)

Usually nap time is anywhere from an hour and forty-five to three hours.  Today? An hour.  So I was just settling in for a little productivity when Munchkin wakes up and begins jibber-jabbering (an accurate term since she doesn’t have a huge vocabulary but a LOT to say). When I went up to get her, she decided she wasn’t done hanging out in her bed.  This isn’t uncommon, so I handed her some books to read.  This included her favorite book about “Je-jo” (Jesus), The Jesus Storybook Bible.  Left her there for a little while to shoot for twenty productive minutes.  Matt yells down that she’s destroying the Bible.  This is what I found:

IMG_8903 IMG_8904

Brought her downstairs where I pop in Toy Story so she can rest a little, and I can, too. (Don’t worry Mom, this is not a normal occurrence.  I was just desperate.) She was not into it, which meant a lot of spontaneous hugging of Mommy and yelling of “Turtle!” throughout the first little bit of the movie.  No rest was had.

Then she saw my camera and wanted to shoot some pictures, which I denied her.  This was her reaction:


And literally a minute later?


So I made a mountain of the pillows and she climbed for a little while.


What is she doing now?  She took an empty gallon of milk out of the garbage and is attempting to bury it under the Christmas napkins in the linen drawer.  What?  Yes. That is happening right now.  She can’t figure out why the drawer won’t shut.  I keep hearing in the background, “Wow” and “Woah.”

Don’t you wish toddlers came with thought bubbles?



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