Podcast Round Up

Dear Erin,

I’m not going to tell you how much I laughed at your post, because I kind of feel bad about it. I’m guessing every parent has wished at some point that their children came with thought bubbles.

I had hoped to do a photo post today, but the weather has been uncooperative this week. Two days were leaden and gray, one rained in fits and starts. Today was lovely, but I had other things that took precedence. So I’m going to build on previous work and offer a round-up of podcast reviews (but only from among the ones I subscribe to).

For the history buff who is also an anglophile – “The British History Podcast“: Ex-lawyer Jamie Jeffers moves with agonizing thoroughness through the history of the British Isles. Must love details to enjoy this one. Either that or just let all the names and dates wash over you like a wave in the Atlantic on a hot summer day. Periodically, he fixates on things like giant deer and how cool the name “Magnus” is. Right now he’s on the Anglo-Saxons, and I’m loving every minute.

For the geek who is also a feminist – “Doctor Who: Verity!“: A panel of from three to six very intelligent women discuss matters of interest only to Doctor Who fans, and some of interest only to rather fanatic Doctor Who fans. Plus you get to hear accents from Scotland, Canada, and Tasmania. Fantastic!

For the person who realizes that “Christian Humanist” is not an oxymoron – “The Christian Humanist Podcast“: Three young, funny, well-read, opinionated Christian college professors discuss matters of interest to Christians and Humanists. Oh, who am I kidding? They discuss matters of interest to Christians and Literature scholars, but for a high-level general audience. So, even though they recently did a trilogy of episodes about some British Romantic poems, there was only minimal use of the terms “schema,” “culture of oppression,” or “trochaic tetrameter.”

For the NPR newshound looking to develop a better sense of humor – “NPR Programs: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me“: If you have heard this program on your local NPR station, this one needs no introduction. If you haven’t, you’re seriously missing out. It is darn funny.

I could list quite a few more, and perhaps I will, sometime. For now, though, this is a good range to start with. I suppose they might sound a little … highbrow? But I’ve found each one to be a lot of fun as well as educational. And who doesn’t like to learn something new whenever possible?


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