A Quick Craft

Dear Kristen,

We are big fans of “Wait Wait” – so I’m very glad you included it on the list. It’s a fun surprise when we turn on NPR in the car and it happens to be on; it’s usually when we’re returning from a trip because it’s on at a weird time here.  But it’s always good for a laugh!

I wanted to show you what I whipped up the other day.  But first, a little back story.  I’ve

been talking to a few friends over the past couple of weeks about sewing, and a few of them wanted me to teach them something.  So, we’ve been making lanyards for their keys.


I’ve concluded this is a younger girl’s preferred keychain, whereas I prefer something a little smaller.  Can’t you just imagine slinging this around on your wrist on a college campus?  But if the Munchkin got a hold of this….

Remember the matching keychains we got from Mom a while ago? This one:


Well, you can tell mine needs replacing.  It’s gross!  My friend Katie makes them to sell in her shop, and I really like them.  But I had a piece of fabric I also really liked, so I decided to make my own on Friday.


  • 12 in. piece of cotton webbing (mine is 1 in. wide)
  • Piece of fabric cut 2 × 12 in.
  • Piece of fusible interfacing ¾ × 12 in.
  • Key fob clasp


  1. Iron the interfacing in the middle of the backside of my piece of fabric.IMG_8920
  2. Fold the two long sides towards each other to meet in the middle and iron.IMG_8921
  3. Pin to the piece of webbing so it’s centered.IMG_8924
  4. IMG_8926Sew a 1/8 in. seam along one side and repeat on the other. (Be sure to use coordinating thread for both sides – I used a blue for the top stitching and white in the bobbin.)
  5. Fold in half and place key fob clasp over the two unfinished edges in order to close the loop.
  6. Squeeze with needle nose pliers. (Note: I covered mine with masking tape so the ridges on the pliers wouldn’t mess up the key fob.)IMG_8929
  7. Attach to keys!


Done and done!  It was surprisingly easy.  Let me know if you need a replacement, too!  


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