A little DIY

Dear Kristen,

I’m glad you enjoyed some new Miyazaki recently.  I still ocassionally think back with fondness on our evening watching Howl’s Moving Castle.  It was VERY fun (mostly due to the company, but the movie was great, too.)

Today I thought I’d share with you a little DIY I do.  You know that Matt and I enjoy a little DIY now and then.  Whether for the house, yard, kitchen or even the Munchkin, we’ve explored the world of elbow grease and ingenuity.  For example, its been years since I’ve purchased a boxed cake mix (scratch is yummier and cheaper), a good section of Munchkin’s clothes are refashioned shirts of mine, and we’ve remodeled our kitchen.  This is a combination of fun and frugality for us.

The following DIY wasn’t about fun, though.  It was a result of a little frugality and lot of necessity.

This past fall, we had some unexpected skin issues that we’re at least partially sure can be blamed on laundry detergent.  I was having issues and the Munchkin was having issues.  Mine were connected, we think, to the tried and true Tide detergent.  Munchkin’s to another brand.  I don’t know if it was a change in the products’ chemicals or something in us, but either way I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try a little DIY and see if it helped.  Since January I’ve been making our laundry detergent and, as of now, am pretty pleased with the results.

There are a lot of recipes on Pinterest with a slight alteration from the recipe I use (see below), but I’m content to stick with this for now.



  • 1 cup Borax
  • 1 cup Washing Soda
  • 1 bar soap
  • Mason Jar

I grate the bar of soap, add it the jar along with the other ingredients, seal it up and shake it.  Done.  Really not all that hard, significantly less expensive, and best of all, no rashes on this cute face!



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