Small News

Dear Erin,

Yuck, yuck, yuck! Don’t you dare send them our way. That’s one of the things I’ve liked a lot about Northern California: many, many fewer bugs here than in Florida.

I had a whole serious post going, but I just couldn’t get it to my liking with the amount of brainpower I had available at this time of night. So instead I’m going to just tell you about our weekend.

Friday night we went out and tried a new BBQ place. It did not earn a place on my list of best-evers in this type of cuisine. What kind of barbecue place doesn’t have sweet tea or mac and cheese? What kind of barbecue place charges you extra for your Texas toast??

Saturday morning, Charles went to help repair bikes with the church, while I enjoyed a quiet morning of reading at home. In the evening, we went over to the house of some friends for a delicious dinner. We also played some new board games: Tsuro, which was theirs – very simple, fast, fun; and Caveman Curling, which was ours – easy, fun, and great to play girls vs guys. Each team won once, in case you were wondering. Then we sat around the table and exchanged wedding stories. Well, to be more specific, we exchanged stories of wedding almost-disasters. Also fun.

Today at church, I played with the worship team and sang for the offertory, so we had to be there early. It was a pleasure, though, as usual. (Setting aside the question of nerves, which I may address in a later post.) Lunch at our usual restaurant, where Charles and Lawrence (our waiter every Sunday) discussed the NFL draft, and I proved that I lived in Florida long enough to absorb some knowledge of football despite having little to no interest in it. Granted, it’s just floating in the air there, like the smell of coffee from the Maxwell House plant or like oak pollen, and it would be harder to avoid such knowledge than to acquire it.

This evening we watched the latest Doctor Who, and I have to say I think this season is shaping up very strongly, despite being somewhat disjointed. It should wear well. And then we watched HGTV. Now, we haven’t watched this channel in years, but all of a sudden it seems interesting again. No prizes for guessing why. But the most fun (to my snarky self) is judging the homeowners on these shows. “I can’t believe they did X, Y, or Z!” “They spent how much? On that?” Hmm, should probably stop doing that; not good for the soul.

The only other thing of interest from the weekend is that apparently our hill caught on fire. They had to bring in helicopters as well as fire trucks to put it out. We were at home and didn’t notice a thing.

To be fair, it’s a big hill.


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