Munchkin’s Unmentionables….

Dear Kristen,

You have been BUSY.  I wouldn’t say you have “Small News” – I would call that big news!  Lots going on and all of it pretty awesome.

Today is May 1 – and guess what.  Its chilly!  Again. And dreary. Again. And the inchworms multiplied.  But I’m trying not to get down about all that, which is helped by the fact that Matt is going to get something at the lawn store to protect us from the continued inchworm siege….

Today I thought I’d update you on our use of cloth diapers.  I have a few friends who are expecting or have recently given birth who have asked me about them, so why not share it here?

While still pregnant, we talked about – and talked about – and talked about cloth diapering.  Pros, cons, all were hashed and rehashed and eventually decided to go with them.  I love the environment and all, but our ultimate reasoning was to save money.  The cost effectiveness of going cloth was fairly convincing for a family on a tight budget, so we took the plunge.  (Actually – they were mostly given to us as gifts – so other people took the plunge, financially speaking.)

There are a number of brands and styles available varying from the type Mom used on us complete with safety pins, and the kind we went with – Bum Genius All-in-Ones (with snaps). Such fun colors!  The snaps mean Munchkin could wear it once she grew past the “newborn” size and will wear it until she’s potty trained.  We started with 12, but now have 18 diapers.  This amount has worked well for us, though I’ve heard that other people manage with fewer.


Munchkin wears them everyday, almost all day long.  She goes into paper diapers when she goes to sleep at night so that she stays pretty dry until morning.  And I put her in paper when she’s in nursery, etc., because it seems a little awkward to make nursery workers deal with cloth diapers on one child when they have 10 others running around in paper.  We also use paper when we travel, for obvious reasons.

They are great, though not perfect, and I continue to be glad she has them.  We have a diaper sprayer that helps a whole lot in the cleaning process, and washing diapers every few days is really not that big of a deal.

Freshly Laundered

Freshly Laundered

So the verdict?  I like them.  And they make her “Bum” look disproportionate – which is always worth a smile!

An old picture, but her bum looks huge!

An old picture, but her bum looks huge!


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