Jar Lovin’

Dear Kristen,

I like your dreams better than mine – even if you weren’t completely pleased with yours.  Mine are either unmemorable or TERRIFYING – so…..yes, I would prefer to be a cartoon character.

So recently, I donated a whole bunch of stuff to a yard sale as a fundraiser.  It was good to do some purging of various items that I didn’t need anymore (or didn’t want anymore) like Corningware dishes with broken or missing tops.

Oh wait.  I do need things to put food in….but I gave them away…..

Problem: Food storage needed.  Solution: Glass jars

So remember when I made the laundry detergent and put it in a mason jar?  Well, I’ve been reading lately about the benefits of canning and preserving, which I will never be able to do with my brown thumb, and considering the benefits of using mason jars in places other than my laundry room.  I ran across this Simple Bites blog which makes everything look so pretty and leaves me feeling that I, too, am capable of canning and batch cooking and making everything from scratch and saving money.  Isn’t it funny how a pretty website can inspire us to reorganize our kitchens?

Well, short story becoming long, I save jars when I’m done with their contents.  This is a skill I picked up from Mom.  I don’t know if its a “Cracker” thing or a Mom thing, but she saves her jars to put grease in so it doesn’t clog the drain.  I do that too.  Which means that my jars are full of grease, except for two that have once-used oil that I’m planning to reuse for frying donuts. No judgement.  How, then, was I to get on the bandwagon for jars?

Luckily for me, my grocery store had them on sale.  I bought a pack, washed them and have put them to good use:


I am using them for leftovers, but I am also loving the idea of making extra of various dishes and freezing them for later, you know – one of those rushed evenings when I can’t seem to figure out what to fix??  So, I have plans for making split pea soup and southern black-eyed peas and saving the extra for a rainy day.  Which is today, incidentally.


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