Nickel Tour

Dear Erin,

Aww, it looks like the Munchkin was having a good Monday.

For this Wednesday, I’m offering a glimpse at the new place. It’s not much yet; you’ll notice, for example, there are very few pictures up. However, maybe this will give you some idea. Here’s the nickel tour.

On the top floor, we have the kitchen. You probably can’t see it, but on the fridge is evidence of me beating Charles at a game.



Here is a wall of games I plan to continue beating him at.


Here is the dining room, on the other side of the fireplace. Love the wainscoting.




And, finally the living room with a view down the stairs toward the front door. Yes, I know the stripes are a bit strange and off-kilter. Good colors, though.



Below these rooms, we have the master suite. Lots of natural light and not peach-colored, as I originally thought. More of a latte color. However, I still plan to paint it blue within the next year. Because there’s not enough blue in the house already.



The last thing I’ll show you today is just a peek at things to come. The rest of the rooms are not nearly so presentable as we continue to move into them, but one is in the midst of an especially big transition. I’ll show you the whole process once it’s complete, but for now, here you go.



Did I mention there was a lot of blue in the house?


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