Big Week

Dear Kristen,

I love your place!  Being a fan of blue, I think the color option for 80% of your house is a-okay.  Though maybe the stripes can be (cough) changed.

This week has been busy – because its graduation week(s)!  It is graduation season here in Virginia and starting last week and going into next, lots of area seniors are making the step from high school to either college or the real world which are not necessarily the same thing.

We’ve gotten the chance to celebrate with some of our favorite people who are taking this plunge.  Its been lots of smiles, hugs, laughter, and a good amount of blocking the Munchkin from falling in pools.  (She is fascinated by them, but we really hope “swim team” isn’t in her future – swim meets are LONG events…)

Here’s a picture of some of my favorite graduating seniors.

IMG_7757 blog

Love these ladies!

To mark the occasion, I thought I would make them a little something and include a heartfelt note.  Not particularly original, but hopefully a little handy none the less.

So I gave them these:


They are done in colors to match their adventure for next year without being too matchy-matchy.  And I also did a couple of ribbon belts for gifts, as well.  Since I’m down a camera for a couple of weeks, I decided that I would just say, “Look what I did!” and not worry about explaining the process.  Maybe one day I can write that up.  So…look what I did!



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