Broken. Or Breaking. Take your pick.

Dear Kristen,

I love the office!  It looks perfect for getting things done; and its red, which is the most important thing, really.

You know how things (very general, I know) come with directions?  Like furniture, toys, etc.?  I’m sure even your red paint came with directions.  Well, I’ve found that some of these are redundant and/or unnecessary. For example, why do you need a specific direction to put the cover to a toy’s batteries back where you found it?  Isn’t that common sense?  It seems a waste of typing to me, though I’m sure there is probably someone out there who needed the reminder.  Heck!  I’ve probably needed the reminder on occasion.

There’s a direction in cooking that I ignore 87% of the time.

Direction: Preheat oven to such and such degrees.

Why do I need to do that?  Logically, I know why the cooking experts say to do this, but for what I stick in the oven 87% of the time, its really not all that necessary.  What’s the other 13%, you ask? Cupcakes.  I ALWAYS preheat for cupcakes.  And bread.

But for the most part, the amount of time it takes to preheat ≠ the 2-5 minutes I will add on to something cooking when I don’t follow this direction.  So, see?  Time saved! (And probably a little energy, too.  I’m so green.)

So this week, I stuck something in the oven without letting it preheat.  Duh. Nothing special, just some refrigerated crescents.  They take 10 minutes to bake.  Put them in, set timer, walk away.  Timer goes off.  Not done.  Set timer for customary extra 2 minutes.  Timer goes off. Still not done.  Actually, they’re not even close to being done.  Odd.  Repeat process.

Repeat again.

25 minutes total have passed.  Still. Not. Done.

Look at oven and frown.  Shake my fist in anger.  Have an epiphany.  This is not “user error” where I should have just followed directions.  This is straight up oven error.  Malfunction, glitch, breakdown, whatever.  The oven is breaking.  More specifically, the coil on the bottom of the oven is breaking.



Well, just when you think you’ve finally finished the kitchen, the kitchen says, “Nope, I need a new ‘do.’  And by ‘do,’ I mean oven.  Get on that already, Erin.”


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