Who Likes Peanut Butter?

This girl:

Happy 2nd Birthday, Munchkin!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Munchkin!


Dreaming of Sunshine

Dear Erin,

She looks right at home in the water. I bet she’s having a fabulous time this summer, learning to be a mermaid!

Speaking of water, I’m looking forward to spending plenty of time in it in about two weeks. Not around here, because you know I’m a total wimp about how cold the water here is. But swimming – in an ocean “pool” or a real pool “pool” – is high on my list for when I get back to the Sunshine State in August. I get to see the family and visit the old haunts. I’m so excited that I’ve already started planning what to pack.

1. Swimsuit. For aforementioned lazing about in warm water and on hot beaches with cool drinks.

2. Sunscreen. For, well, the obvious. There’s a practical part of my mind that says that I’m nuts for going to Florida during the hottest time of year, but I’m ignoring that part and thinking instead about ice cream and hurricane parties. You never know; a nice tropical storm might come through!

3. Books. I’m slowly going through the library here to see if they have any e-books I really want to read. Tradition and romance have bowed to practicality, I suppose. But if I can’t find anything good, I’m going to try to limit myself to one paperback. Or two. (Possibly three.) I’ve got to have something to read while I’m sitting out on the back porch with my sweet tea, enjoying Daddy’s garden.

4. List of restaurants. This is something I’ve been working on for awhile, and I have a full tour planned out. Barbecue – Bono’s, Sonny’s or Woody’s, I’m not picky. Firehouse Subs – steamed subs and cherry limeade, yum yum. Publix fried chicken. And of course, the one I moan about all the time, Cracker Barrel, home of carbohydrate-overload deliciousness.

If I get down to Gainesville, the list grows beyond what one woman can reasonably eat in a week, much less an afternoon. Best grits ever at the Flying Biscuit Cafe. Barbecue at David’s that’s almost worth the drive from Jacksonville. Mayan chocolate ice cream at Sweet Dreams. And, most importantly, a stop at a place that’s close to my heart even though I’ve never been there: Patticakes.

Like I said, I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

5. Running shoes. After all that eating, I’ve got to do something to try to still look okay in item #1.

6. And then all the boring stuff. Like clothes and toothbrush and pj’s.

I think I can fit all that in a bag, if the pile of books doesn’t get too unwieldy, and as soon as I’m packed, I’m ready to go. Don’t worry about Charles; I believe he’s looking forward to a week on his own, during which he can work as late as he’d like. And when I get back, the summer will be nearly over and the school year ramping up again. It will be time to get back to work.

Summer Shenanigans

Dear Kristen,

The summer is my favorite time of the year!  Its warm, sunny (usually), you can enjoy ice cream and iced tea while sitting on a back porch.

And lots of water is involved.  Water to drink, water to boat in, water to swim in.  My hope for the summer was that Munchkin would become comfortable with the water – and we are well on our way.  I’d wanted her to have lessons in the late spring, but it never worked out in terms of time, so she’s still a novice at the whole water in an area larger than a bath tub.

But that’s not stopping her!  To the Munchkin, everything is a ‘pool.’  Little kiddie pool? ‘Pool.’  Massive deep lake? ‘Pool’  I’m sure if we make it to the ocean someday soon, it too will be ‘pool.’

And she wants to be there ALL THE TIME.

Just waking up in the morning?  ‘Mommys, milk….jibberish….pool, Mommys.’
Walk outside? ‘Mommys [over her shoulder as she runs towards the water] POOL!’
Time for a nap? ‘Mommys, pool! [tears] No, Mommys, pool!’


She’s totally gotten the lounging idea that you and I enjoyed in Florida when we were younger.  She’s embraced the snacks by (or in) the pool and staying in until way past wrinkly.

I love the water, too.  Can’t complain about her new found love at all.

Pool 1

Pool 2

Having fun!  Promise!

Having fun! Promise!

Pool 4

Pool 3

San Francisco Botanical Garden Series, pt. 1

Dear Erin,

So … I took a lot of pictures on the rainy day I visited this garden with Mom and Dad. What can I say? I was inspired. Dad had just been at a photography workshop. I do love a garden. And the light and the water made it very dramatic. So I plan to share my photos in a series of “extra” posts over the summer months. Hope you enjoy them!





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