Summer Shenanigans

Dear Kristen,

The summer is my favorite time of the year!  Its warm, sunny (usually), you can enjoy ice cream and iced tea while sitting on a back porch.

And lots of water is involved.  Water to drink, water to boat in, water to swim in.  My hope for the summer was that Munchkin would become comfortable with the water – and we are well on our way.  I’d wanted her to have lessons in the late spring, but it never worked out in terms of time, so she’s still a novice at the whole water in an area larger than a bath tub.

But that’s not stopping her!  To the Munchkin, everything is a ‘pool.’  Little kiddie pool? ‘Pool.’  Massive deep lake? ‘Pool’  I’m sure if we make it to the ocean someday soon, it too will be ‘pool.’

And she wants to be there ALL THE TIME.

Just waking up in the morning?  ‘Mommys, milk….jibberish….pool, Mommys.’
Walk outside? ‘Mommys [over her shoulder as she runs towards the water] POOL!’
Time for a nap? ‘Mommys, pool! [tears] No, Mommys, pool!’


She’s totally gotten the lounging idea that you and I enjoyed in Florida when we were younger.  She’s embraced the snacks by (or in) the pool and staying in until way past wrinkly.

I love the water, too.  Can’t complain about her new found love at all.

Pool 1

Pool 2

Having fun!  Promise!

Having fun! Promise!

Pool 4

Pool 3


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