Starting Up in Style


Dear Erin,

I hope y’all are enjoying a relaxing Labor Day. It’s gotten hot here the last few days, which is to be expected as in my limited experience, September is the hottest month ’round here. Charles and I have been having a good time, though, staying cool, seeing a few movies (The World’s End, A Night to Remember, The Grandmaster). The AC is always going full blast in movie theaters.

Sunday, we went to the annual classic car show of our church, East Valley Church, and between us, we got some decent pictures.

You’ve got your classics:







Your muscle cars:



Your serious, yet fun, roadsters:

Actually, this looks like the Munsters' car to me.

This looks like the Munsters’ car to me.

Lots of El Caminos (which I didn’t take pictures of), and even the odd bicycle:



Here are my two favorites:





This last one is a Jaguar; I refuse to speculate on whether this means I have expensive taste. It won the prize for Best in Show from the adults; the Munster roadster above won the kid vote.

Eat lots of hot dogs and watermelon today, so you’ll be well fortified for the start of the school year.


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