A Spiral and Some Petals

Dear Erin,

Sounds like she’s keeping you on your toes. Congratulations! Challenge is good. (You’re welcome to it.) I was sorry to hear your Saturday was cold and wet; hopefully Sunday was nicer and you got to a pumpkin patch for some fall fun.

Over here, we’ve been in the midst of planning all kinds of things, which means there’s not much to photograph or to talk about right now. But what I want to show you today are the final two articles I’ve knitted before I switch my crafting focus entirely to family things.


The first is a hat. “Noro spiral one-skein hat” by Manuele Ducret. Super easy and fast, and shows off multi-colored yarn well.



The second is a crocheted scarf, which matches the hat.CFCSpringPetalsScarf2

The “Spring Petals Scarf” by Ragamuffin. Dense as I did it, but it could probably be worked at a looser gauge and blocked to give a lacier feel.

These items will be donated, and then after today, the work turns inward for awhile.


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