Kitchen Appliance Love

Dear Kristen,

That young lady was lucky to have you mentoring her – I know because I’ve been on her side of the fence!  Having been on both sides of the mentoring relationship has been one of the most awesome experiences of my life and I’m very thankful that someone in California got the opportunity to hang with you.

I feel a little chagrined that you write about deep things.  What do I write about?  Dribble.  Here is my unimportant dribble for the day.

I am in love with this:


Isn’t he a-dor-a-ble?!?!?!?  Well, maybe that’s the wrong description….perhaps useful, versatile, or a life-saver would be the better thing to say.  I have used this baby multiple times over the past few weeks and the way things are playing out, there’s a good chance that October will be renamed “Crocktober.”

Who knew that this would be (one of) my true loves in the kitchen?  Soup, meat, noodles, broth – all have emerged from the hollow of this pot to my utter satisfaction.

I probably shouldn’t be QUITE so glowing.  A few of the recipes are in definite need of tweaking, but I will whisper this sentiment so as not to anger the crock pot.  (He’s currently making me taco meat for tonight, so I don’t want to irk him.)

If you don’t use yours, rethink this decision.  You are missing out.  Really.  Don’t know how our family would have eaten a few times this past month without it.

Probably would’ve settled for popcorn. Which would’ve been fine by me.


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