Still Traveling

Dear Erin,

We’re still away from our desks, right now only halfway across the country, enjoying Houston. So I’m going to make this a short entry as well.


I found out something last night that’s pretty cool, at least to me. The Globe theater has just opened two plays on Broadway – Twelfth Night and Richard III. It looks like they picked up their signature productions and moved them wholesale across the pond. Here’s a review (short version: fairly glowing).

Granted that the production of these two plays is not that unusual, what makes this particular news of more than usual interest to me is that this version of Richard III is headed by the same actor who headlined when Charles and I saw it last year in London. He was amazing, the production was funny and disturbing, and I could wish to be in NYC to be able to experience it again, especially in tandem with Twelfth Night. What a way to start the holiday season!


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