First Snow

Dear Kristen,

So based on your last post, are you going to take a short trip to NYC to see the production?  As long as it doesn’t interfere with Thanksgiving or Christmas, I’m game.

So while you were enjoying some sunshine and warmth at Disney and in Houston, we’ve been getting chillier and chillier.  It is currently sunshiny and 36°.  And there was SNOW yesterday.  It lasted about 10 minutes and was gone as soon as it hit the ground.  But still!

The first snow of the year on November 12!!!  So early.  We had about 2 weeks of fall and now winter has arrived!

“Experts” (I don’t know who they are or where I heard it – maybe the Almanac?) say that we’re due for a very snowy winter.  At this moment that sounds delightful, but come February it will NOT be.

But its not February yet.  So I’ll put on some Bing Crosby “White Christmas,” fix the Munchkin some hot chocolate…cooled down with ice cubes….and myself a cup of coffee and pray that it’ll be white from now until Dec. 25.

Here's hoping!

Here’s hoping!


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