Advent: Day 2

Dear Kristen,

Wasn’t Thanksgiving fun??!!  We loved being with everyone to celebrate and all the fun that came with family, food, and Munchkin.  It was the best!

Driving home wasn’t the best.  But not the worst either.  When we FINALLY got to our house, Munchkin was a little disappointed that we weren’t at Gram’s House.  Too bad 2-year-olds don’t get sarcasm.  “No, Munchkin.  We didn’t just drive in a huge circle for the last 12 hours. We really are at our house.”

So, yesterday was the start of advent!  The anticipation of Christ’s birth is upon us, the music out (and has been for…awhile) and the calendar is….not finished.  But it WILL be.  Tomorrow.

So today is Day 2 of advent and Munchkin is spending it practicing her Christmas carols.  Here’s a sampling to get you in the spirit: (click on picture or link below)


She’s awesome – the timing’s a little off, but considering she was just introduced to the song this weekend, I feel like this is the start of a beautiful heart of celebration!  So as the advent season progresses, I’ll try to share some of our activities and moments of celebration – as well as other news I’m sure.

Now I’m off to make a paper chain so we can countdown to Christmas!  (It’ll be here before you know it!)


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