Racing to the End of the Year

Dear Erin,

Boy, you’ve been busy since you got home. And it looks like you’re doing the Christmas season right. I can’t wait to see what else is in those Advent envelopes. I really like that idea, by the way. Can I steal it? Of course, I’d need you to actually create it for me, as I’m pretty sure any I made wouldn’t look nearly so nice. Unless I used, um, stickers or something. Does that count as stealing?

Anyway, I’m sorry I missed last Wednesday. It’s been cold and crazy here since we got back, too. The crazy means that last week I was pretty much constantly busy – with paperwork and cleaning and meetings and responsibilities and things. This whole “come back to your life for two weeks at a time before jetting off again for another two weeks” thing is great, I’m sure, but mostly for more organized people than me.

To be fair, in five months, I’ll probably be pining for the opportunity to jet off somewhere.

The chill in the air here hasn’t been accompanied with snow like in your part of the country. In fact, even though the phone said it was 27 degrees out this morning when I woke up, there’s no frost to speak of. Or to take pictures of. It’s just sunny and gorgeous. This pretty much means life goes on as usual, with a longer wait for the hot water in the shower, and much more drinking of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cider.

I have had time to do some fun things in the midst of the grown-up boringness. Charles and I went to see Frozen, which was great fun. Perhaps slightly overinformed by Wicked, but it’s hard not to see that when you know the resume of the woman cast to play the Snow Queen. If I hadn’t known that, I might not have made the connection. (Note how vague I am in order to avoid spoiling other people.)

There was also a Day of Making Cookies.

cookie dough

All the other evidence has been eaten


Christmas carols and sugar all day. This is what’s left over. Five kinds made, four kinds baked. Remainder: gingerbread, sugar, and chocolate crinkle dough. Yum!

And then last night I finished (or nearly finished) two wooly projects, too. (Actually, neither technically involved wool, but you know what I mean.)

Green Puerperium 2


A tiny sweater for the Little One. I still need to pick out and sew on tiny buttons, but it’s mostly done. (Pattern: Puerperium Cardigan; yarn: Lorna’s Laces Honor in “Ascot”). It’s so little, though. I sure hope it fits him. I suspect the last one I made may possibly not have fit the recipient, even at birth, because he’s a pretty big baby and always has been.

Sky Blanket 3


Also a blanket – one among many – for the Little One. (Pattern: Summer Sky Blanket; Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton in “Azul” and “Drift”). Charles’s choice, and very soft and fluffy. Also super easy to make, which was awesome. I think when all the blankets are finished, I’m going to do a photo shoot with just them. Right now, there are four made and at least two more on the way. Child is going to be drowning in fabric!

So, though busy, life has had time for fun. I hope you and yours are continuing to find the fun in the midst of your crazy busy time, too.


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