Advent: Day….I’m not sure

Dear Kristen,

Well, the past couple of days/weeks have gone in a blur.  You feel like the holiday season should be restful and filled with fun things – and it has been fun. But its also been non-stop in many ways.

So the advent calendar?  We’ve just kinda skipped a few days.  More pressing things came up than making Christmas cookies and snowflakes from coffee filters, so we’ve missed out some fun that the Munchkin would enjoy.  But she’s still rocking the Christmas carol sing-a-long, so celebration is STILL happening.

And don’t you worry; sugar is getting eaten.

We’ve gotten a chance to attend some Christmas parties, our house is decorated, presents are purchased and most are wrapped, and holiday blend coffee is brewing – so all in all, its been great.  I’m really not complaining, though I know it probably sounds as if I am.  Getting an advent calendar up is a HUGE victory.  So next year I shall aspire to actually doing all the activities…

The Munchkin loves the tree and attempts to take ornaments off – particularly Bob and Larry (VeggieTales).  So to distract her, she and I have been playing a game.  “Can you find…”  I ask her to find something and she searches all the ornaments within her reach to find what it is I’m talking about.  Its a pretty fun game for her and keeps her distracted from ripping heirlooms from the tree.  The best has been when I’ve asked her to find “the baby.”  We got an ornament of a baby from someone for her first Christmas and I put it down on her level.  She, however, goes for this every time:

IMG_0828And this is the conversation she has with herself while gently petting him:

“Ooohhh…Baby Santa.  Little cookie, little milk. Yummy cookie. (Insert munching noises-similar to Cookie Monster.) Aaahhh, Baby Santa.  There he is! There he is, Mommies!”

We love that she can recognize Santa, as that is a favorite thing for our family.  It can be a problem, however, when waiting in line to see Santa and telling every other child in line that the man they’re waiting to see, “that NOT Santa, that my Pop! Hello, Pop!”

Which it was.  No fooling her!


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