Marshmallows and Gingerbread

Dear Kristen,

I hadn’t seen that idea before, and I’m unsure what I think about it.  As you attempt to it, keep me posted to let me know if its something you actually like.  Me?  Doubt I’d do it since I’m in the mood to purge and am taking advantage of the feeling.  So I’ve cleared off some shelves (at least somewhat) and don’t intend to fill them up!

But…they’ll probably get filled up.  ‘Cause I’m human. And humans buy things.

So currently we’re homeless.  This is the result of the Summer ’13 alluded to here and I think when we are allowed to move back in (fingers crossed that its Saturday!) I will be up to the task of finally sharing our disasters with the world.  But until that time, here are some yummy treats that graced our tables the past couple of weeks!

1. Marshmallows – homemade style.


Actually not hard.  And really pretty good.  Except my second attempt (which were chocolate) went in the trash pretty quickly (didn’t like the aftertaste).  My hypothesis is that the culprit might be the gelatin, but I’ve not gotten around to testing that theory.

I am inspired, however, to try other flavors that delve into the exotic (at least as far as marshmallows go) and if I decide to actually travel that road – I’ll record the adventures here.

2. Gingerbread Muffins with Chocolate Cinnamon Streusel


You wanted to make them.  And we did.  And they were yummy.  And Munchkin really liked the Chocolate.

Since I’m homeless right now (meaning we’re at family’s) and I can’t do some of the tasks I’d like to do (purge my house of unnecessary items…) I think I’ll contemplate what marshmallow flavor I’ll tackle this week and call it a day.


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