Still not done…Disaster ’13 Part 1

Dear Kristen,

I’m glad you liked The Secret of Walter Mitty – it looks like a fun one to me, too!  I didn’t know there was a Danny Kaye version.  I love The Court Jester, as you well know, but overall probably haven’t seen too many Kaye movies.  Is the original something I should check out?  Perhaps a little laughter like he provides would be a good way to offset the mess we’re currently in….

And a mess it certainly is!  I had hoped to share a post showing off our finished home, but alas, it isn’t done.  But we really couldn’t drive back and forth from our home to Matt’s parents’ home this week, so we opted to come back late last night and life will hopefully return to normal on Wednesday.  So we’re living in the mess: here’s a look at it…


Our kitchen


The dog’s feeding area

Our living room

Our living room

Our tv

Our tv

So I thought I would share kind of a “Part 1” of the Summer of ’13 disaster post today and show the final relief on Friday.  So….hold onto your boot straps!

The disaster actually began in the summer of 2012.  We came home from a short trip to find a tree had broken and smashed a chunk of our fence.  The event urged upon on us the necessity of removing some trees that were not the most healthy.  They like trees here in our neck of the woods, so we have a lot of trees. Fast forward to this past summer.

In June, we got a company to come in and remove two very large trees in the back and a precarious limb from a tree in the front.  The short version is the company destroyed our yard in the process – and were not the most truthful regarding what went on.  (I’ll leave it at that.) We got a second company to come in and finish the trees (yup, the first didn’t completely finish the job) and this company was STELLAR!  Then we had ANOTHER company to come in to grade our damaged yard, seed it, etc. (This was all finished in September – almost four months from the initiation of the process.)

Then, came the issue with the house itself.  Our family served in a missionary capacity in New York for the month of July.  When we returned, the first thing we saw when entering the house was mildew and mold on the surface of pretty much everything.  Yuck. Gross. Panic attack.  Not what you want to see when you come home.

Immediately we started cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.

I won't show you the mold.  It's too gross.

I won’t show you the mold. It’s too gross.

That night, after hours of cleaning, Matt went underneath the house to replace an air filter and discovered the cause of the mildew and mold.  A leaking pipe – that was probably only a slow-ish leak during our absence – but due to the number of times the washer was used that day for cleaning was now a gushing spring.

Scream of frustration and panic.

Got water turned off with the help of the neighbors.  Called a plumber first thing in the morning, moved out of the house we just returned to, called in remediation specialists to dry out the house, and that’s where we ended the summer.

Living somewhere else...

Living somewhere else…

On Friday: The rest of the story.


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