A Year and a Day

Dear Erin,

Naps are good; they can make the gloomiest days better. Or, at least they can make them pass more quickly. I hope things have brightened up for you since Monday, although I do keep hearing about the cold and snow over on your coast. It really would be nice if we could do some kind of weather-share program. We take some of your chill and precipitation, and you get some of our sunny warmth. Not all of it, mind you, but some. I think that would suit both the Old Dominion and the Golden State pretty well until spring.

Did you realize that yesterday was our 1-year blog anniversary? Congratulations to us! A year and a day ago, you wrote the first post, explaining our (rather odd) blog name, and since then, we’ve written 135 posts (counting this one); posted 443 pictures (now, that’s kind of crazy); seen the Munchkin grow up a lot; written at least 20 times about different crafts (sewing, knitting, paper crafting); written at least 11 times on cooking (that’s all you, sister); read who knows how many books and seen ditto movies – and reviewed 18 of them (hmm, that’s a record to try to break next year); experienced several disasters; done some traveling and enjoyed the great outdoors (39 “adventures”!); and periodically given in to the desire to pontificate. (Okay, that last is just me.) I’ve moved house and am in the last months of waiting on a blessing that this time last year I never thought we’d receive. You’ve gone through several remodels, both expected and not, and made your home cozier than ever.

Last week was the Yarn Harlot’s 10-year blog anniversary, and while I can’t quite imagine that we’ll make such a milestone, it’s certainly something to strive for. This past Saturday was also Bakingdom’s 4-year blog anniversary, so we’re in pretty good company all around. I wonder what Cracker Sisters might look like in 4 years…

Speculation later, though.

Hey, look how far I’ve gotten in the first month of reading a shelf’s worth of books!

Read Book Shelf January

Not very.

I’ve blown the picture up so you can read the post-it on the back of the shelf, because it is very important that you know I’ve read more than one kid’s book and one magazine over the course of the month. In fact, I realized that I’ve actually read more than that 205 pages that I recorded; it should be more like 240 or so, but who’s counting? (Yes, yes, it’s me.)

I hope February looks more impressive, just for vanity’s sake, but to be honest, I’m not unhappy with the amount I’ve read. This has been a busy month, and I have gotten more done than it looks like. At some point, those pages should manifest themselves on that shelf physically, so I’m not really worried about it. And in the meantime, that particular book (Howl’s Moving Castle) was fun, and it may give me both something to write about here in the future and a solid addition to our library.

So, here’s to a whole year of writing, to a year of growth and changes, and to hopes for the next year. May our next almost-150 posts be better than our last!

PS. Doesn’t “A Year and a Day” sound like a phrase out of a fairy tale? My delight about that makes me do a little dance of happiness in my head.


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