You’ll Note It’s not Red

Dear Erin,

Yesterday was kind of a long day, so today has been quieter and less energetic than usual (despite the to-do list, which is looking desperately long). I’m very glad that things are back on a pretty even keel for you for the time being. It’s been sounding like you’ve needed a break yourself, although I suspect your break is not nearly as quiet as mine. I’ll be curious to hear how you end up explaining the dragon’s death in St. George and the Dragonand how it is justified in the context of the story. It’s got to be tricky to explain irredeemable evil to someone that young, especially if she’s not used to dragons and monsters being actually bad in her stories.

Anyway, here’s part of what wore me out a bit yesterday. Guess what we were doing.

Repainting Nursery 1


Repainting Nursery 2


Repainting Nursery 3


Repainting Nursery 4


Repainting Nursery 5



Those lovely ladies are good friends and members of our life group. We did most of this during the Super Bowl, and I have to admit they did most of the work – and a fantastic job. It’s not quite done (Charles has to get up close to the ceiling), and in fact the blue is rather darker than it looks in the pictures, but I already know I’m going to be very happy with it, regardless of the fact that it’s completely different from my own personal room. We had talked about painting the room green, but apparently we hadn’t talked enough about it, because when it came time to make a decision, blue it was.

Today I should touch up some of the spots close to the floor, but I’m afraid that may have to wait. Just can’t be bothered.



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