Oh, Where is my Hairbrush?

Dear Kristen,

Sorry this is later than normal – another case of the Mondays perhaps.  Or forgetfulness.  Or busyness.   That being said, I loved reading about your’s and Charles’ adventures in a school!  I would have liked to see that.  You must have been in heaven participating in a poetry seminar – give you an itch you need to scratch?  I’ve got some poetry on this side of the continent to suggest to you.

Raffi. It’s a favorite right now.  Specially if you sing it while reading it.  Not quite the angst of the Lost Generation, but certainly does the job for a little Munchkin.

You know what else fills our ears and brings joy and smiles to her face?  VeggieTales.  She has inherited a bit of an obsessive nature from…someone…and this applies to Veggies.  She LOVES them.  And we have a hard time convincing her there are other great things to listen to besides Larry’s Silly Songs.

Luckily there’s humor in there that her Dad and I can enjoy, so its not annoying.  She’s even started to reenact the songs – which is hilarious.

Here is her “hairbrush.”


She NEEDS a hairbrush – but she thinks she IS a hairbrush.

A little bubble-packaging definitely looks like a hairbrush, right?  She spent yesterday running around in this singing, “oh where oh where hairbrush!” off key and off beat.  It was the best!

As far as potty training…we are making progress.  Its a slow process, but we’re optimistic that she’ll get the hang of it soon.  Crossing my fingers!


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