More Tiny Things

Dear Erin,

If you’re behind on your resolutions, you can always blame the lack of hoppin’ john consumed on New Year’s Day. I hadn’t really thought about my resolutions for awhile (except for the Empty Shelf Challenge), and then yesterday I happened to notice the file of personal resolutions on my desktop. I made the mistake of opening it up and was reminded of how much I have NOT been keeping up on my personal resolutions.

I’d say I’d get right on that, but realistically it’s probably not going to happen any time soon. (Do I sound fatalistic to you?)

But, hey, let’s change the subject! I wish I lived at your house; pie and cupcakes – yum! Here is my project from this week. Definitely not edible.

Cozy Toes Booties Light


Little, tiny things, and kind of addictive to make. (Pattern: Cozy Little Toes; Yarn: Miss Babs Yummy in “Oregon Mist”) I’ve already started another pair in a different color of the same yarn, although I had planned to make a rainbow dragon next. But he’ll keep for a bit, and the new booties won’t take long.

And that’s about all I have to share for today. I did go back and put in the patterns for the sweater and hat I showed on Monday, in case you’re interested. Other than that, it’s just been fun with photo editing software. Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend, full of pie and hopefully not full of snow!

Bootie Collage 2


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