My Top Five – for the Week

Dear Kristen,

I like your idea of giving the top things going on this week over there in California, so I think I’ll copy.  Besides, imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

1. Potty progress – Its getting better every day!  Sometimes she’s still too into whatever she’s doing to recognize that she needs to go.  The most frustrating is when she goes (not on the potty) and then lies about it.  That’s not awesome.  But those moments have an increasing amount of time between them.

2. Utilizing my crock pot – twice!!  I read that you could roast a chicken in your crock pot and figured I’d give it a try.  And it worked!  And was good!  And so I did it again the next day.  Also successful, but I decided that my house smelling like a chicken shop for two days in a row was a little too much.  I couldn’t crack the windows cause its 20º again, so getting the smell to evacuate was challenging.  And slightly nauseating. (So I’ve opted to wait another day or so before making chicken stock from the bones.)

3. Another fire!  In the fireplace, of course.  Well, it was 20º.


4. Today, I am looking forward to two fun meals!  The first, lunch with a dear friend.  She’s interviewing for a job, so we’re grabbing lunch and praying beforehand.  Then tonight, I’m meeting with some other friends for dinner at Mellow Mushroom.  I’ve been to a Mellow in North Carolina, Florida, and another city here in Virginia, but never the one in my home town.  I’m VERY excited.  I love pizza and I love Mellow Mushroom and I love these friends.  A match made in heaven.

5. I’m also excited about a conference I’m going to this weekend.  I know there will be good teaching, good worship, but mostly I’m excited that I get to see friends that I rarely see during the year.  And some will get to see Munchkin since she’s coming with me for part of it.  They haven’t seen her since she was an infant!  The rare times we get together are work related and children stay home.  She looks a little different now.






There you have it.  An overall great week with fun nuggets of time with friends and family.  (Does “fun nuggets of time” even make sense?)  Anyways – Happy Friday!


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