Gathering the Forces to Stay Awake

Dear Erin,

I hope you had a fun time at your conference this weekend and got to visit with lots of old friends. My weekend was a little quiet and unfortunately not much worth talking about. (I spent a lot of time sleeping.)

Rain continues to fall sporadically, and some experts say it will continue for a few more days while others say it’s over for the foreseeable future. We’re still nearly twenty inches below “average” rainfall for the season, so even with the news having shifted to “MUDSLIDES: NOW CA HAS TOO MUCH RAIN!!”, I can’t quite agree and start worrying about that.

So what with the chill (the temps always drop when the sun doesn’t shine and right now we’re in the 50’s and low 60’s), the hush and quiet of an empty house, and the water dripping misty curtains over the outside world, it’s no wonder one finds oneself drifting off. My own work is so quiet itself – taking place mostly in my head – that it doesn’t really help either.

Since my movement is limited at the moment – and I therefore can’t easily go or do all kinds of energetic things to wake myself up – nearly the only antidote I find is a hot drink. There’s a good supply of coffee and tea laid in at the house: herbal, chocolatey, black, green, sweet, light, fruity, dark; a choice for every mood, though a little light on the caffeine at the moment.

When you and the parents get here, though, we’ll up the caffeine level for you, to make sure you’re covered. I feel the mists of sleep coming on me again, so let’s end this before they take me down, I will go rally myself with a defensive cup of something or other, and hope thereby to forestall the inevitable for a few more hours.


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