All that’s Missing is a Cat*

Dear Erin,

It looks like the Sunshiners were right: there’s been pretty much no rain around here this week – maybe a little drizzle, but not more than that, although the clouds have been nicely dramatic, posing themselves above the mountains.

Here’s the latest progress.

Cozy Little Toes v2


Told you these things were addictive. However, I’ve scratched that itch for the time being, I think, and I’m moving on. Next up: a dragon!

Most of my time, attention and energy these days is sucked up by one all-consuming vortex that I’m not really talking about here (except obliquely; it’s not like I’ve been very subtle), which is unfortunate since it severely limits topic choices in some ways. However, on a slightly more intellectual note than has been struck of late (at least it’s potentially intellectual), I went to the library yesterday to get one thing and ended up wandering the stacks. I think I was in the mood for something challenging and different, because I walked out with a Pynchon, a Hiassen, and a Munro, as well as two books of medieval history and a mystery. We’ll see how many I actually get through, but at least I’ll hopefully have something of more substance to write about before too long.

And that will be a nice change.

*Regarding the title, I’ve come up with names for the next cats we get, when we get them. Of course, we’ll have to get three to make it work out, but I’m sure I can convince Charles of that, right? …


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