An Introduction

Dear Erin,

Looks like you guys have been having fun, even if it was raining pretty much the whole time you were in Florida. That Easter dress is amazing! It’s perfect for the season.

First day back and I’m already posting late. I find that being late to things is something of a habit for us these days. For church this week, we didn’t make it to early service or Sunday school, so we set our sights on late service – and were still late. Apparently with a kid, you have to do some actual planning to get places.

So, the kid. Our little boy. He’s wonderful and perfect, of course, and he needs a blog name like Munchkin’s. I’ve been thinking about it since I’ve known about him, and I still don’t think I’ve come up with anything inspired. Before I knew he was a “he,” I was calling him Little One, and I may default to that. But now, we sometimes call him Mister (when we’re not calling him Monster), and I’m kind of liking that. Mister, or Little Mister. What do you think?

It’s not terribly descriptive, but there’s not much I can base a nickname off of yet. He’s not skinny (“Slim”) or red-headed (“Red”) or really into anything (“Sharkbait”). Anyway, I don’t intend to talk about him all the time, but I had to introduce him, here at the beginning. (Besides, he’s taken over my life for the past couple of months, so I’ve little else to talk about right now.)

So here’s a picture of him with his Aunt Erin, wearing his superhero goggles.

Erin Piers blog


Hmm, I had forgotten about the goggles. Maybe he needs a superhero nickname, come to think of it. Any ideas?


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