A Milestone

Dear Kristen,

I like “Little Mister” or if you want to have a bit of the superhero vibe, how about “Doctor Mister” since his glasses reminded you of “Doctor Horrible?”

So I wanted to share with you a milestone that Munchkin reached yesterday.  The dreaded first haircut (cue discordant organ music).  But first, I feel like I should share my own horrible experience with the first haircut.  I’ve had some doozies – and who that has lived through the ’80s hasn’t – but the first was traumatic.

Once upon a time, I had curls.  Ringlets.  Loveliness with a bit of mess attached to it.  Perfect for little girls.

See those curls in there!

See those curls in there!

And then….Mom took me to get my hair cut.  Off they came and the tears fell.  A bit of curl remained – enough to be annoying – but the ringlets were gone for good.

A sad, sad, day.  One that I still don’t let Mom live down about thirty years later. (Love you, Mom!)

Which brings me to present day and the state of Munchkin’s hair.  It was a mess.



And when I’m not around to put it up, her dad is at a loss for how to do so.  His fingers don’t work with the little rubber bands.  So, we decided to get it cut.  Just evened up, as it were, but lots of curls were coming off.

My constant fear?  That they’d be gone for good.

So yesterday was the day.  We went, she sat shyly, silently, and nervously in the car.  She didn’t move, didn’t talk, and when she was done, she looked more like a little girl than a toddler.


I didn’t cry and neither did she.  But that might be because there still seems to be some pretty ringlet curls.  So…milestone reached and trauma averted.


Here's the back!

Here’s the back!


At least for now.


4 thoughts on “A Milestone

  1. Erin-in the last picture munchkin looks just like you in the picture with Kristen! Could be twins! Very cute!

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