Just a Status Report

Dear Erin,

I know you had a busy weekend; I hope it was as fun as it sounded like it would be.

Things around here continue apace. In the days when I am working on enough sleep (so, two per week or so), I’ve been feeling like I’m finally well after a long convalescence. On these days, I feel like I can do anything. Thus the messages you got from me on Saturday about sending you clothes and making presents for Munchkin. Unfortunately, I find that these feelings are still translating more into plans than into action. And of course, the few things accomplished are not necessarily the most important or pressing of the things on the To Do list.

So, you know, things are pretty much back to normal. Other than the addicting child I hang out with every day now. He himself stands squarely in the way of progress on most of these lesser things (I ascribe value as I suspect he would: everything is of lesser importance than he is). Right now, for example, he appears to be having a fun conversation with some plastic animals. I’m not even involved, and yet writing this post has taken at least twice as long as it should because somehow I can’t take my eyes off of him. And when it comes to a choice between watching him and doing housework or paperwork or answering emails or writing thank you notes or writing my book, he almost always wins.

I hope this fascination wears off soon; the house is starting to creep around us. It might soon just pick itself up and walk off.


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