Dear Kristen,

As you know, we’ve been galavanting around a little and in the process I ended up under the weather. (Where did that phrase come from?  It seems a little bizarre when you think about it – was I left out in the rain or snow or some other weather that you can sit under?)  Silly head colds and nausea.

And you ALSO know that we’ve been working on some transitions, aka growing up milestones, with Munchkin in recent months.  On our trip, we continued working on a few in progress and worked on a couple more – here is a sample.


1. Potty Training – This has been in the works for months.  I mean….MONTHS/ETERNITY.  And it seems we’ve hit a stride.  There were some bouts with regression in April and May, but I just used the last pull-up on her and am contemplating the reality of not buying anymore.  Hallelujah!  I know I will actually go buy some more, today probably, but it feels good to know we are nearing the finish!  (Probably also just jinxed the whole thing.)

2. Boo-Boos – Munchkin is OBSESSED with her scars from her glorious fall a couple months back.  And anytime she takes a tumble, she thinks its a new boo boo and not the scar she’s been batting her eyes at.  I’ve also come to realize that bruises are hard to explain to toddlers.  It hurts and changes color, but doesn’t require a bandaid….so is it a boo boo?  Munchkin’s decision on the jury is still out.

Original boo boos

Original boo boos

Sorry for the bad picture - see the scars on her knees?  This is from where she got car sick - not a story I'm sharing.

Sorry for the bad picture – can you see the scars on her knees? This is from when she got car sick – not a story I’m sharing.

3. Big Girl Bed – At our house, she’s been sleeping in her “special bed,” which is her crib with the side removed.  When we were adventuring recently, she slept in a legitimate twin bed and loved it.  She was so tiny in it, there was really enough room for the whole family (including Gibbs the dog) to fit in it with her!  But she was enthralled, which is good since our next big home improvement project (slated to start in August) is her “Big Girl Room.”  And it will have….wait for it…..a big girl bed!  As we start the project, I’ll include updates here.  (I realize I’m making it sound more dramatic than it will actually be.)

So there you have it!  Other transitions to come later, perhaps, as we figure out the kinks we’re currently experiencing.  Parenting is certainly an adventure – and although there are hypothetical guide books, living it is the best education.


And here she is in her pinafore!


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