Dear Erin,

Good friends were here this week, so we got to be tourists in our home again. Little Mister did really well for a six month old, mostly tolerating the long periods in the car, the strange schedule, and the late nights. Here’s the proof.

BigSurwCandP1 BigSurwCandP2

Okay, so he’s not in these pictures from Big Sur, but that’s because he was asleep in the car.


We went to San Francisco and did the bridge first thing. This time, we parked at one of the batteries and enjoyed the non-stress approach to the bridge, with a view of the ocean and the entrance to the bay.


I think he’s figuring out what the camera means.


We took the requisite – but always cool – boat ride into the bay, under the bridge, around Alcatraz, and back to Pier 39. LM wasn’t interested in anything except the fact that it was mealtime.


He perked up on the way back.


We did a few new things this time around. Besides the batteries, we visited the Disney family museum (very thorough in this content! So many letters and pictures, this was a surprisingly well-documented family.), drove down Lombard street (the famous windey one), and visited a new winery in Napa (it was okay, but not the highest on my list for the future).

And then there were the old favorites, like Ghirardelli Square – LM’s first time.


I think he’s excited!


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