A Break from Routine

Dear Erin,

I’m glad you’re back – and with pictures of Little Man! Things have been kind of busy for you lately, so it’s good it’s slowed down enough for you to get time to write. I’ve got something for Little Man; I just have to do a bit of finishing. But time is passing so quickly, I’d better actually finish it and send it off or he will have grown out of it before it gets there!

This weekend, we left our own little boy at home (with VERY good friends) and flew down to LA for a grownup weekend. It was the first time we had left him overnight, so it was a little hard, but it helped that we trusted our friends. It also helped that we really enjoyed our time to just be a couple.


But we couldn’t just lounge around, drinking coffee and reading the paper, and enjoying a fabulous view. There was an office party to go to, and it was a big one.


So we dressed appropriately. They set up a tent on top of a parking garage, and inside – well, just think of a big L.A. party, and you’ve probably got the general idea.

It looked amazing – a sparkly karaoke lounge, a frozen Norwegian landscape and wise guy bar, a prison, a vampire-infested swamp with shotgun cabin, a D.C.-style bar and model of the Capitol.

There was lots of food and drink.


Some were more interesting than others.

There was live music, and there were celebrities. Snoop Dogg (who needed five people to introduce him for ten minutes before he came on stage), Robin Thicke, Jared Leto, Vince Vaughan, and then lots of others I didn’t recognize. We got pictures with the only ones we cared at all about.



Anyway, most of the other celebrities stayed in their special area up above the riff raff (some of whom kept staring up at them and taking pictures; it was the weirdest thing and felt a little like a zoo. But I’m not sure whether we were the animal exhibits or the celebrities were.)

So, overall, an unusual night for us, but a lot of fun. Sunday morning, it was back to normal in my jeans, t-shirt and cardigan, and flying back home to this little guy.


And that’s a pretty good normal life.


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