Thanksgiving Top 10

Dear Erin,

This year, I’m thankful for:

  1. Warm cups of coffee
  2. Plenty of sleep
  3. Feeling beautiful and well dressed
  4. A clean house  Hahahahahahahahaha. (Ahem, excuse me. Don’t know what just happened there.)
  5. Dates with my husband
  6. Time to exercise at the gym like an adult 
  7. Time and energy to write
  8. Getting together with friends spur of the moment 
  9. Doing anything spur of the moment
  10. Eight months of monster wrangling

thankful1Such a cute monster! He does make it worthwhile.


Swings Are Always a Good Choice

Dear Erin,

I wish I could draw as well as you! I’ve always been impressed with your abilities in that area. Munchkin’s room is coming along; it seems like it’s almost finished. And then what will you have to keep yourself busy? (Just kidding.)

The other day I realized that Little Mister had never been up our old hill, despite the fact that we often go out for walks of an afternoon. So on Wednesday, we drove over and got out of the car. Only one problem.


It was cold and very windy. Generally, the boy is pretty stoic, but it was enough to make him complain a little. So we cut our walk short and played on the playground instead.


He didn’t complain about that!

Phase 3: Everything but the Flourish

Dear Kristen,

So its getting colder everywhere apparently. This past Friday we were hit with a “polar bomb” and its been cold ever since.  AND we heard that our hometown had a freeze warning, so its cold even in the Cracker state.  (As are the hopes of all Gator fans across this nation – until NEXT year….)

Being cold has its drawbacks like EVERYONE being sick in our house, but it also meant that I was able to stay inside and finally finish the mural.

That’s right! Phase 3: the mural is done!  Now due to all the craziness, Phase 3 has become more than the mural, but its still the main event (in my mind; in Matt’s the main event is probably the window seat).  So here it is!


The Inspiration – sorry, its blurry


The final product

Just kidding.  That’s the one in the nursery.  Its still my favorite – it took forever and I did it completely free hand.  I was not so lucky with the Neverland mural.  Why?

The Munchkin.  And the Little Man.

Expediency was necessary, so I traced an image on the wall to help guide my painting.  Even then it took a month to complete.  Please don’t judge.  I’m a hack anyways, so I should be pleased with good rather than concerned with perfection. As someone told me recently, both kids are alive? Its been a successful day.  Finishing a mural is just the sprinkles on top! (I don’t like cherries.  They are an unnatural red and have a weird aftertaste.)  So here it is: a close-ish rendition of Neverland shadows.




So this needs some explanation.  I was originally planning to make Big Ben detailed and drawn with perspective.  Got mostly done only to feel like it didn’t match the flat, solid shadows.  I revised it.  Twice. The finished product (below) works but took a lot longer than was necessary for the product it is.


Munchkin made a Big Ben, too.

Munchkin made a Big Ben, too.

IMG_2025So here is an updated to do list:

Munchkin’s Peter Pan Room:

  1. Clear out room: give extra furniture away, donate what we don’t need, etc.
  2. Paint room a light grey
  3. Touch-up white on trim
  4. Settle on a color and paint inside of closet a different color
  5. Remove accordion doors on closet and replace with curtains
  6. Clean and arrange furniture
  7. Paint mural on wall
  8. Replace outlets and light switch covers
  9. Build/install window seat and toy storage area complete with seat cushion
  10. Build shelves for books in the closet
  11. Set up reading nook in closet
  12. Buy a bed
  13. Find a kids table and chairs
  14. Hang art
  15. Make any extra decorations/art we need for the room: star garland, picture of Captain Hook, etc.
  16. Update lighting in the room
  17. Install curtains for the window
  18. Add any extra decorations (i.e. the giant Crocodile downstairs) to the room
  19. Applique anchor and stars on duvet cover
  20. Make shams and throw pillows
  21. Move-in!

I’ll do pictures of the whole thing once it’s done (and straight).  For now, here is the window seat!




Bundling Up

Dear Erin,

I thought it looked like you were going to make crayon stained glass windows when you asked a couple weeks ago! I feel so smart. And your leaf chandelier came out lovely.

The cold bug continues to hang around where it’s not wanted – namely, our house (and yours too, it sounds like). So I made Little Mister a little something.

Red Knot Hat 2

Not the most entertaining knit, but I like the finished product, even if Charles says I’m trying to indoctrinate him into wearing my favorite color. I just think he needs something besides gray or blue to wear. Instead of following a pattern this time, I had a picture in my head and improvised, and it came out pretty well. I thought the topknot would be bigger, but it’s cute the way it is. Also, the hat is quite large. When he grows out of it, he can hand it down to me. Seriously. But the kid’s got a big head, so it doesn’t fall off him.

The roll brim means it can be as short or long as necessary, and the fabric has a lot of stretch. He’s not totally in love with it, but with the chill coming back to his room for the season, and that cold lurking around, it’s time for him to bundle up.

Red Knot Hat 1

1980’s at Craft Time

Dear Kristen,

Little Mister is a tough cookie.  And so is his mama.  Everyone is alive in your house (and mine for that matter), so that’s a success!  Take ’em where you can find ’em.

Take for example our craft time the other week.  Or month.

We revisited the 1980s and the tried-and-true craft involving crayon shavings and waxed paper.


I have a distinct memory of doing this with Mom in the 4th bedroom/dad’s bedroom/storage room when I was probably 6 or 7.  It was fun then and it was now that I am 30+.


Munchkin loved doing it, though all she was really able to do was lay out the waxed paper and then count the leaves.  She isn’t allowed to use the cheese grater yet.  Or the iron.  Or sharp scissors.  And tracing?  Her skills need practice.

But we got it done!  Last month.  And I finally hung them!


So, see?  A success – two months in the making – but a success and I’ll take it!

Like the 1980s formatting?

Like the 1980s formatting?

Because with three out of four family members in the throws of colds, and I’m the odd one out, successes right now are hard to come by.  Runny noses for days…