Halloween to Thanksgiving

Dear Kristen,

You are NOT delusional – I think the challenge is perfect for you.  Just don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get the number of words you want on any particular day.  Whatever you get down is more than you had the day before, so count that as a success and have a piece of chocolate to celebrate!

i will not be joining you in writing or enjoying chocolate.  Milk, oh how I miss you.  Creative writing, I have never liked you, so I don’t miss you.  Harsh, but true.  I like reading you better than writing.

So we have a stash of candy that’s been relegated to Matt and friends to finish since I can’t have milk.  Or soy.  Or nuts. Or gluten. Or fruit.  Not that there is much of the last two in the candy we have, but I thought I’d give an update on Little Man’s dietary restrictions.  Not sure what is the culprit, so we’re cutting back again!  Its exciting.  Except not really.  Lucky for us, meat and veggies come in bulk at Costco – like everything else there does…..

My fridge:


But I digress from the purpose of this post.  I want Munchkin to work on understanding what thankfulness is.  I can’t FORCE her to be thankful, but we can try to get her intrigued.  She’s a big fan of Veggie Tales, so we’ve sung the “Thankfulness Song Medley” a couple times and I’ve been brainstorming other things we can do together.  I have a friend that makes garland out of construction paper leaves every year and her family writes things they are thankful for on each leaf.  I think we’re going to try that!

But until then, here are our Halloween decorations:


Munchkin and I made the bats on the mirror.  I wanted the old bottles to become “potions” but that never happened.  Maybe next year!


Munchkin was very confused by the wooden pumpkin cut out, right there in the middle.  She was convinced she would be carving it…


Oh yeah, and we never carved our pumpkins.  Whoops!  We might paint them and pretend they are Thanksgiving decorations.  I’m sure the Native Americans and white Europeans (wherever you think Thanksgiving was celebrated first, it included Europeans) had pumpkins at dinner.  Right?  Otherwise, why would we eat pumpkin pie? (I don’t eat it; by “we” I mean other people.)

So here is our first completed decoration for Thanksgiving:


It used to have black beans in it – I just made the bean change to kidney to alter the color scheme.  I don’t love it.  I think the candle should be a different color – thoughts?  It smells like pumpkin pie so I wanted to keep it around a little longer.

What? Am I inconsistent for liking the smell of the pie but not eating it?  Probably.  But, there you have it!

Our second decoration involves this:


Any ideas what I could be up to?

Happy Thanksgiving Month!


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