Bundling Up

Dear Erin,

I thought it looked like you were going to make crayon stained glass windows when you asked a couple weeks ago! I feel so smart. And your leaf chandelier came out lovely.

The cold bug continues to hang around where it’s not wanted – namely, our house (and yours too, it sounds like). So I made Little Mister a little something.

Red Knot Hat 2

Not the most entertaining knit, but I like the finished product, even if Charles says I’m trying to indoctrinate him into wearing my favorite color. I just think he needs something besides gray or blue to wear. Instead of following a pattern this time, I had a picture in my head and improvised, and it came out pretty well. I thought the topknot would be bigger, but it’s cute the way it is. Also, the hat is quite large. When he grows out of it, he can hand it down to me. Seriously. But the kid’s got a big head, so it doesn’t fall off him.

The roll brim means it can be as short or long as necessary, and the fabric has a lot of stretch. He’s not totally in love with it, but with the chill coming back to his room for the season, and that cold lurking around, it’s time for him to bundle up.

Red Knot Hat 1


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