It’s All New the First Time

Dear Erin,

Happy New Year! I guess things kind of fell off over the holidays, but with the turning of the year, we can pick up the reins again and act like we have a clean slate. I’ve already been given some ideas for things to write about this year, and I’m prepared for this summer’s series. (Let’s hope your summer posts are not as disastrous as they have been the last two years!) Now it’s just a matter of doing it.

We were busy over the holidays, flying across the country and then running here and there up and down the coast. We wanted Little Mister to meet as many people as possible, and that turned out to be quite a few. But besides the new people, it was two and a half weeks of firsts for Little Mister.

His first visit to the Sunshine State, and so his first visit to Gainesville.

1st UF

He met many of our old friends while there, and then we trekked down to Lakeland, where he got to hang out with family.

Not Sure First Cousin Meetup

While he was being distracted, Charles and I slipped away for a day of our own.

Hogwarts Express

Not all the way to London, just up the road to Universal Orlando.

After that, it was time for LM’s first Christmas!

1st Xmas

Which he mostly slept through, but he had fun while he was up! As did the other blog kiddos.


Poor Munchkin was outnumbered and surrounded!

After Christmas, it was up to Virginia to see other family and to experience a couple more firsts.

First visit to Cracker Barrel

1st Cracker Barrel

He enjoyed it, especially all the toys in the store.

And, finally, first snow!

1st Snow

There wasn’t much of it, but I promise it was really there!

So, by the time we got home, Little Mister was exhausted. As were we! But now he’s rested up and ready for a whole new year, with lots of new firsts. It’s going to be exciting!


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