A Mom’s Love Affair with Drive-Throughs

Dear Kristen,

That IS terrifying.  I’m so thankful that Little Mister was unfazed by the experience.  As moms of small people, I feel a good chunk of our jobs includes keeping them alive. And you succeeded!!  Its okay to panic ungracefully on occasion – you’re human!  If we had it together all the time, we wouldn’t need the Lord. (And its a great thing to need Him!)

Over here, we are experiencing winter weather.  Today is a snow day!  (Its not as exciting as it was when I taught public school, but hey, its still fun.) Except a better name for it would be “Ice Day.” There is no snow to be seen, a layer of ice on top of every outdoor surface glares back at you when you look out the window.  No – we won’t be going outside today.

As a mom, the weather has the tendency to pretty much dictate what happens in my day.  Take for example Monday…

The story actually needs a bit of a prequel – the year is 1980-something.  I was small and Dad drove the “brown car with the flags” which was a…Buick?  I remember the flags because they were at my eye level on the door handle.  Anyways, I wasn’t in a car seat, but that was the ’80s…so, really, who was?  I was with Dad; he went into a store to do something – maybe it was a skating rink, but I don’t know why he would be going in there, so that must be wrong – and he left me in the car by myself.  No big deal.  Because it was the 1980s.  (I remember this trip not for the lack of a car seat, but because Dad told me not to eat the spilled popcorn in the back of the car – which I did – and then he asked me if I did it and I said no – which was a dumb lie ’cause the popcorn was missing.  So I got in trouble.  That’s why I remember this trip.  Oh, popcorn. And it wasn’t even good popcorn.)

I have found myself wishing for the 1980s the past couple of months.  2 kids + 2 carseats = hard x infinity.  You wouldn’t think it equates like that, but it does.

So back to Monday.  I brought the kids to work with me.

To get to work on time, I need to leave the house no later than 7:22.  Now Munchkin eats at an ancient snail’s pace, so in order for her to be fed, dressed and out the door by 7:22 would require us getting up at 5:30 – and then still might take a small miracle. My solution to this was that we’d go to Einstein’s and get some yummy bagels.  There’s one right on our way; I love Einstein’s and we’re trying gluten again for Little Man so I knew it was a sound plan.  I set the alarm for 5:40 so I could shower, pack up the kids, feed Little Man, get Munchkin up and dressed and out the door by 6:45 – that way we could eat in the restaurant and still get to work on time (hypothetically).

But I didn’t check the weather.

And this is what it looked like:


The walk from the car to the front door of Einstein’s is the width of a two lane road with sidewalks.  In the pouring rain. That just sounded like a nightmare. And since its not 1980, I can’t run inside and leave them in the car.  So I needed a different plan.  But at 5:40, I’m already past my 5:30 start time to eat in the house.  We get ready and leave the house at 7:02.

I need a drive-through.  My two options are McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts – I’ll take the Donuts, thank you.  Fried foods DO not work for Little Man. (Although I think donuts are fried, too…? Oh, well.  Their coffee is better.)

Munchkin requested a chocolate donut – I’m panicky because the morning isn’t going as planned, but not that crazy.  No chocolate.  Second choice?  Sprinkles.  Fine – works for me.  I order, go to the covered window, get our sugary breakfast and arrive at work with no time to spare.  i take out her donut – it has sprinkles AND chocolate icing.

She hit the jackpot.  And I needed a nap.

I know this time will pass, but there are many, many, MANY times I wish every store had a drive-through.  Do I have the energy to take them out of the house, put Munchkin in her 5-point harness that mimics Nascar requirements?  AND Little Man in his seat that weighs more than he does to get a gallon of milk? Or postage stamps? Or to make copies? Or…or….or?  Or how about when we’re traveling and its the three of us and I need to use the bathroom.  Do I go through the hassle of waking them up to get them out to go to the bathroom then put them back in or do I hold it?

Easy to answer.  We can go without milk, stamps, and copies for another day.  And I’ll hold it.

But really, the USPS should look into the idea of a drive-through.


5 thoughts on “A Mom’s Love Affair with Drive-Throughs

  1. Wait – we used car seats in the 80’s. They weren’t safe and the kids could get out but we used them. When I have my 3 car seated grandchildren, I use blessed squeeze fruit. We didn’t have the luxury when my kids were small.

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