Absolutely Fabulous

Dear Erin,

Lucky Munchkin! Chocolate AND sprinkles? Somebody’s living right! I can just imagine her bouncing off the walls while you’re trying to teach – yikes. Hopefully, the sugar crash afterward gave you a little peace, though.

Here, I have a picture of Munchkin on the one day of the year it’s probably the most exhausting to be (or be responsible for) a three-year-old.

munchkin Christmas sweater

And me, sigh. She looks a little subdued here. Not sure if it’s the beginning of the sugar crash or just that she’s not totally comfortable with Aunt Kiki. Clearly, you need to send her across the country to hang out with Little Mister and me for awhile, so she can get to know us better.

She’s adorable, but I also wanted to show off the sweater. I showed you the yarn way back in July, and I finally finished it up Christmas morning! That is … slow.

pink cedar lake 2

This and the next are not the best pictures, sorry. (Not my camera, and I was in a hurry, so I wasn’t as careful as usual.)

But it did get done in time, it was a great pattern and very fun to knit – especially in that fantastic pink color – it came out great, and most importantly it fits her and should still have room to grow. So, no matter how long it took, it was totally worth it for me. That’s just about as perfect an outcome as you can ask for in a hand knit. The only thing that would absolutely seal the deal is if she totally loved it and wore it to bits and wanted a new one when she grew out of this one. But there’s no predicting that, so I’m not depending on it to make me happy with this little piece.

Pattern is Cedar Lake, and really well written. Five stars, would make again. (Probably will make again, more accurately.) Yarn is madelinetosh sport in “Espadrilles.” I think when I went to buy the yarn I was planning to get a nice gray like the sweater in the first pictures on the pattern page, but the shop had three skeins of this pink, and I thought, “I’m making this for a three-year old girl. How could I NOT get this color?” Clearly, it was meant to be.

heart button

Sweet heart button from a family button jar. I know it’s a tight squeeze through the button hole, but I hope it’s not too much of a pain. That was another element I couldn’t pass up.

I got a lot of enjoyment out of this knit, so I hope Munchkin gets at least as much. And if she does want a new one when she’s grown out of this one, just let me know. I’ll be so ready to do it again!


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