Surprise Field Trip

Dear Erin,

Your reading nook appears to have come out perfectly! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you can make reality match the picture in your head? Things don’t often seem to work out that way, but I love it when they do.

So far, it’s been a week of the small but unexpected for us. Sunday was an early morning for me, as I woke up at 3:30, not with any purpose in mind, just because I couldn’t sleep any more. I had been having restless dreams (I had a deadline for something that morning, and I hadn’t done it yet, which I think contributed to the restlessness. It was an uncomfortable feeling, but I’m not unhappy about it because I think it means the Lord is working on my deeply, deeply rooted procrastination issues.), and I had the beginnings of a cold, so once I was awake I was too pained in mind and body to stay in bed.

That’s all well and good – it was an enjoyable few quiet hours, but it also means that I was dragging by the end of church. We did a quick lunch and headed home, and then we realized that we were missing something.

Not Little Mister, don’t worry. But one of his shoes had disappeared between lunch and when we looked for it at home. He only has one pair of shoes, so he needs both of them, and this one’s walkabout tendencies got blamed on my 4 hours of sleep. So on Monday, he and I set out to buy him a new pair of shoes. Only, as I pulled out of the garage,


there it was. It had been hiding under the car.

So that changed our plans. Now that we were ready to go, I didn’t want to just turn around and head back inside. So we went over to the Los Gatos Creek Trail. It was cool and sunny, and the water in the creek was the highest I’ve ever seen it (which isn’t saying much, but it made the “waterfalls” over the little concrete retaining walls slightly more dramatic). LM was old enough and awake enough to be interested in watching the world go by. And when we got to the park at the end of the trail, he had a treat.


He got to play on the swings of course, but he also had his first ride on the rocking-horse type things – you know, with the spring on the bottom. He was happy just holding on and more or less balancing while Mommy was there to spot him. He also enjoyed tasting the turtle (it was a turtle). And then he got a little exploring time, to check out the grass and the leaves. I think he had a lot of fun.

What I expect for the rest of the week is more fun – like meeting a new baby – so I hope if the train of unexpected happenings continues, it only adds to a great week over all.


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