Jesus Loves Me

Dear Kristen,

Long weeks are…never ending (which is redundant) and its exhausting.  We had one here, too.

It was a good thing we had some help, otherwise we might not have made it out alive.

A couple of weeks I read this post on a blog I occasionally read since she has awesome kids’ clothes.  After reading it I thought, how awful – and I thought MY week was bad (at the time).

But then we had this past week…

Saturday – Munchkin screaming in pain and very disgruntled

Sunday – Munchkin had an allergic reaction to pain meds – hives.

Monday – doctor determines she has a double ear infection and is definitely allergic to red dye.

Wednesday – Little Man, who is not a great sleeper, starts sleeping worse.

Friday – doctor determines he has a double ear infection, too.

Saturday – seems Matt is having an allergic reaction to medication, too.

Sunday (to today) – Little Man isn’t feeling great still and is screaming at night.  We think there’s a good chance the antibiotics aren’t working…so we’re taking him again today with the rest of town who are trying to beat the snow – up to a foot predicted for tomorrow.

I think my week gives danamadeit a little run for her money – though she wins since there was lice involved.

In the midst of the week’s shenanigans I have found myself singing “Jesus Loves Me” A LOT.  Its a go-to for those nights and days when Little Man can’t get to sleep.  But at 4:00 in the morning when I’ve only slept a couple of hours at a time for the past few nights, I’m no longer singing it for him.  I’m reminding myself of the truth so I don’t despair.  Which I’ve been close to doing.  A few times.

But I don’t.  And He DOES love me.  I know it’s true. The Bible tells me so.

And the infections will go away; stores carry dye-free drugs; hives will go away; sleep will return.

Maybe even tomorrow – when we can’t drive anywhere and our yard looks worse than this:



2 thoughts on “Jesus Loves Me

  1. Have so been there. 35+ years ago snd still remember every minute – even the red dye, and shrimp, oranges, corn… This too shall pass bit not without sleepmess night. jesus loves you and so do I

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