Spring is HERE!

Dear Kristen,

Your spring is coming up roses!  (Excuse the cliche – you just took pretty rose pictures, so it seemed appropriate.)  And spring has finally shown up here, as well.

I mean, it came earlier like it was supposed to – you really can’t fudge the equinox, Virginia – but it stalled out temperature-wise until last week.  We were in our native Florida enjoying the 80 degree weather, and back here in the Old Dominion, they were enjoying a chipper 70 degree and sunny span.  (The sunny part has now ended, but it is April and I need peonies in May, so I’m okay with it.)


And polleny. Which isn’t a word.  But today it is.

To be fair (and more accurate) the pollen is appearing on trees, but isn’t mimicking the Dylan ballad “Blowin’ in the Wind” just yet, for which my head and respiratory tract are thankful.

But you know what isn’t here? At least not HERE here (as in our yard)?



Matt worked magic on the trees in the winter – wrapping them in inch worm defying saran wrap with brown goo that looks like a caramel colored ectoplasm.  And we have none of these suckers stormin’ the castle.

I’d say that’s worth celebrating with a cookie or five.  (I MIGHT be off the GF wagon.  And I MIGHT have gone a little crazy today.  How can you pass up raspberry pastries and elephant ears?  The answer: You CAN’T!  So live it up and eat a donut, too, while you’re at it…)IMG_0830


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