Crisis Averted

Dear Kristen,

Thank you for the recommendation – I’m always looking for book and movie suggestions for those quiet, exhausted moments in the week.  Now that we are getting near the end of the seasons for the few shows we watch, it’ll be good to have this in my back pocket.

This week, we had a major crisis.  It wasn’t the continual flow of…stuff from both children’s noses for the past week.  Or the rattly cough Little Man is sporting. Or the two times I’ve been in the midst of dinner preparations only to find I was missing a key ingredient.

No. None of those things are really all that bad.  Inconvenient, maybe a little sad, but not really a crisis.

Crisis = Both the Internet and cable stopped working yesterday.

Now, I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal – but when you’ve been all over town for the whole afternoon and Munchkin thinks she’ll be able to watch a show when she gets home – probably Daddy’s show, but still a show – and the above catastrophe has swooped down and claimed the stage that is your house….

You walk in two minutes behind your excited toddler only to enter the house to wails.

I thought she had run into a wall or something, the screaming was so loud.

Disclaimer: Maybe this reflects a little poorly on my parenting, but really – its the time of the day to make dinner.  Is she a little too obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Yes. But after attempting to stimulate her in appropriate, educational, and active play all day, a girl needs a break in order to feed the family.  Or we will all starve.  I vote television for the 5:00 hour.

Someday, when Little Mister is older and you experience this, please tell me how you explain to the small toddler what the internet is, and how nothing works because its not working.  The best thing I’ve come up with so far is the internet is magic and the magic temporarily ran out.  I have zero idea how the internet works.  In fact, you could hold my feet to the fire and I’d still say the same thing.  Magic.

This is the second time in as many weeks that there’s been something off with our system and it has baffled the powers that be at our carrier – who’s name rhymes with “horizon.” Estimated time of being fixed? Two days later.  And please stay at your house on Thursday between the hours of 8 and 4, so that we can come by between 10 and 2.  Because we might show up two hours early.  Or stay two hours late.  We just don’t know.

Well, the tears subsided, dinner was completed, children put in bed, and I was deciding on what movie I would stick in to wile the evening away, when I noticed my phone was connected to the internet.


So I turned on the cable box. It worked, too.

Magic, indeed.

Now, does this mean the Horizon guy is still coming between 8 and 4 on Thursday?  Cause I have things to do….


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