Summertime Adventures – Mornings

Dear Kristen,

Is Scary Monster going to bed a little less dramatically?  Maybe he’s practicing to be the next villain on Marvel’s Avengers.  I think he’s ready – particularly if he’s already made a rocket ship like his cousin says he has.  Has he?  Is Little Mister the next Sheldon and Doogie Howser rolled into a tiny package?

I kinda hope not that extreme.

So you mentioned your upcoming summer series and I thought I’d give it try, too.  I’ve never done a series, so maybe it would be good for me to do something a little different.  I’m guessing my success will be spotty – much like our cable service was a month ago….

As you mentioned, we’ve entered into Summertime mode.  I read glance at all these Pinterest posts about scheduling your summer days.  Goodness!!  I like to imagine that this is the equivalent of the White Rabbit checking his To Do List and his watch and saying a lot of shoulds and oughts to those moms who can’t seem to get it together, aka moi.

I like schedules as much as the next mom (Little Man NEEDS a morning nap), but I also like the concept of going with the flow.  Maybe that’s the Cracker in me.  As a native Floridian, I remember summers consisting of getting up, deciding which grandmother’s house to go to, swimming all-day, spontaneously having a sleepover, and throwing in an episode of Bonanza or Gummi Bears for good measure.  Maybe a spontaneous trip to the beach, or when we were older, a late night run to Village Inn for pie.

Now I realize that we also went to camps and my memories are melding both high school (when we drove) and elementary school memories.  But still!  That’s how summer should be.  An adventure.  Slightly unknown. Full of giggles, imagination, sand, and water – a little challenging for me now that you have to belong to a pool to go to one and the beach is 3 hours away. (One of the very few things I don’t like about Virginia.) Makes spontaneity a little challenging.

Soooo…..this is my attempt to introduce my series: Summertime Adventures.  Most likely it will recount mis-adventures, but here goes nothing!

What to do with an infant during outside play when he can’t sit by himself all the time, insists on eating everything, and can’t wear bug spray?

An exerciser with a mosquito candle of course.

Hey, Sis. What you doing over there?

“Hey, Sis. What you doing over there?”

"Enjoying not sharing with you."

“Enjoying not sharing with you.”

"Okay.  I'll just watch."

“Okay. I’ll just watch.”

Before the 90 degrees shows up, cause Little Man sweats like a grown athlete.


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