Baa Baa

Dear Erin,

I’m sorry this is late again. It’s not because LM is building rocket ships in the backyard – he’s not interested in rockets right now; it’s just cars, cars, cars all the time with him. It’s just because I hit an exhaustion point this weekend, and unfortunately I hadn’t written anything ahead. That’s even with a break of a few hours Saturday morning. I enjoyed my time off, although I wouldn’t say I used it productively (just read and did a little knitting in a sunny neighborhood Starbucks), but it was kind of like taking a short nap after an all-nighter: sometimes you just feel more tired afterward.

But I am making progress on the rainbow socks:

rainbow socks in progress

Slowly, slowly.

So we haven’t gotten to any of the state parks yet – my plan for the summer series – but last week, LM and I went to a farm / city park that’s not too far away. It has a great green field and a playground, but what’s more interesting is that it also has farm animals. Chickens and ducks are roaming around everywhere, and a rooster came to meet us when we drove up. They also have goats, rabbits, cows, sheep, and a pig at least. I was excited to show him the animals, now that he’s old enough to really be interested in things outside himself.

It was not a great success.

He liked the birds and had a great time “feeding” them, by which I mean I gave him a few seeds and he dropped them on the ground while I threw a few more out to where the birds actually were. He gave the bunnies a few long looks and seemed fascinated by the goats. But when we went over to the barn for the big animals, he was less sanguine. The first sheep was fine; it looked at us, we looked at it, no problem. But in the next stall were two other young sheep, named Sven and Kristoff, who were having an in-depth conversation with one another. I was watching the sheep and holding LM, and I should have noticed something was off because he started holding me tighter and tighter. But it wasn’t until he actually started to cry that I realized he was scared of them. The bleating was perhaps too loud and uncanny for him. So we left.

yummy water

Scared of sheep

He is starting to get a little more anxious about loud, sudden sounds he doesn’t recognize, which means that I need to go make my coffee now, while he’s asleep. It’s hard to do it (and enjoy it!) when you have a little person clinging on to you, burying his head in your knees, wailing because the world is a strange and worrisome place. As I’m sure you know.


3 thoughts on “Baa Baa

  1. My son is all about cars too and apparently cars go ‘choo choo’. It’s hard catching a break with a toddler I enjoyed reading that you’re going through similar, must be such a scary world for children

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