Summertime Adventures – Vacationing

Dear Kristen,

I like the haircut!  Takes me back to our first one; but I’m glad to hear it wasn’t as potentially traumatic as ours was (going to be in my imagination).  I think there’s a haircut in our future soon – but still just for Munchkin.  She tells me her hair is too long .  I tell her she could put it up in a ponytail and that would be great.  She tells me she would rather leave it down – and then its a tangled mess in about 15 minutes and we repeat the conversation.

This past week we’ve been on vacation!  Now, I know most of you who read this probably think we vacation all the time, what with the long car trips, and the mission work – but those aren’t vacations.  At least not for all of us.  Vacations = no work. And vacations = adventures.  That’s what we’ve been telling Munchkin.

We decided that this summer it would be a better idea to have a staycation, rather than your typical vacation.  Cue the singing!

Don’t want to wait ’til the sun’s sinking
We could be feeling alright
I know you know what I’m thinking
Why don’t we do a little stay-cation
Why don’t we do a little stay-cation

(At least that’s how the song it sung in our house…)

So we’ve had a few exciting adventures, all local!  Here they are:

  • Watched Paddington with popcorn and milkshakes. Liked it a lot.
  • Went blueberry picking – TONS of fun.

IMG_2996 IMG_2997

  • Went swimming – wasn’t as big a hit as we expected with Munchkin – but everyone else was impressed.
  • Went to a nearby zoo – lots of fun for everyone – and not too hot.



  • Made blueberry jam – a big mess, but I feel like we accomplished something awesome.
  • Went to a neat playground.



  • Ice cream on the town – and Little Man’s first ice cream at that.  There were dropped cones, hysterics, delicious yummyness all over my shirt and arms and Little Man, and contented sleepy kids at the end.



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