A Conversation with Munckin

Dear Kristen,

So we’re back up with our normal routine on the blog!  Hopefully.  Meaning…hopefully I will post when I’m supposed to.

Which hasn’t been the case of recent.  But…well….that happens.  And so did this conversation:

(Italics are me, bold words belong to Munchkin.  Anything she says that has an exclamation point was shouted.)

  • Mommy, I know how to spit-up.
  • Spit-up?
  • Yes, spit-up. Its an exercise.
  • Spit-up?
  • Yes! MOMMY! (as if I’m not listening to her) Its an exercise!
  • Oh – SIT-up.
  • (said with dramatic flair) Mooommmmy! Sit-up is what I know how to do. Spit-up is when you’re sick. Look!

I turn slowly, cautiously, not sure which one I’m going to see. She lays down on the ground and describes what she’s doing:

  • You sit like this with your legs out. Then you go down and up. And look what else I can do!

She flips over to her stomach side and assumes a push-up position. She goes down and up.

Assuming the postion.

Assuming the postion.

  • See! I can do that exercise, too!
  • Where did you learn that?
  • I made it up.
  • You made it up? (apparently I can only repeat what she just said with a question mark added)
  • You sure? No one showed you?
  • No! I made it up. I am STRONG.


Next day. I just want to see what she says.

  • So, remember yesterday when you did a sit-up?
  • U-huh. (she’s slightly distracted by Mickey Mouse)
  • Who taught you to do that?

Nothing. Silence.

  • Who showed you how to do that?
  • Mooommmmy. I just made it up. You know that!

So…apparently we are raising an exercise Einstein.


It might be more likely she saw her dad doing that last week. That’s almost like making it up, right?


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